Move like a great river;

Yang style Taiji & Qigong

Weekly classes, Courses, Workshops, Corporate, Groups & 1 to 1


Be still as a mountain;

At Natural Tai Chi Devon, we offer a variety of courses from weekly classes, which run continuously throughout the year to workshops, & seminars, which are designed as interactive learning experiences. On-going class fees are standardized across classes, however, classes may vary in times and duration.

Corporate classes, seminars & workshops can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of each client and fees vary according to type, length, duration, number of participants and location.

Whether it‘s an on-going local class or corporate event we are passionate about delivering a first-class service and instruction and an enjoyable learning experience for all participants.

Rita Mikalauskas, founder of Natural Tai Chi Devon, School of Traditional Chinese Internal Arts, has been practicing and teaching Taiji & Qigong since 1996, first with Zhong Ding International, where she went on to win a gold medal (open hand form) in the 1999 Zhong Ding International Championships.

In 2004, she attended Master George Xu's inaugural China Camp held in Suzhou, China, where she was accredited as a Chief Instructor in the World Wide Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts (WACIMA. It was whilst in Suzhou, that she met her current teacher Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang (Vice-President of Shanghai's Martial Arts Association). Rita is also a registered Instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)

Rita has travelled to China on a regular basis to continue her studies & has brought Master Wang Zhi Xiang to the UK as part of his International Taiji tour, to hold Taiji workshops here in the Bay.

Rita is also a qualified Tui Na & Bowen Therapy/Massage practitioner, and finds that these therapies and Taiji & Qigong work synergistically to promote recovery.

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