Yang style Classes - Class structure

There are no pre-requisites required before joining a class other than a willingness and desire to learn and practice.

Yang Style Taiji instruction focuses on helping to improve individual student’s skill levels in a shared, group environment. We begin to learn to relax and let go of tension, cultivate body awareness and alignment, posture, coordination of movements, etc.  We also learn the fundamental principles of Taiji such as Bamen (eight directions), the relationship of balance in Xu Ling Ding Jing and Ci Zhen Dantian etc.

The first half of the class will draw from the following areas:

 The second half of the class consists of:


N.B. The point of reference for the Yang style form is through my Yang style teacher, Dr Wang Zhi Xiang.  Dr Wang’s Yang style can be traced back directly to Yang Cheng Fu through his teachers, first Master Dong Bing and then Master Wang Zhuang Hong who were both students of Dong Yin Jie, a student of Yang Cheng Fu. Master Wang Zhuang Hong was also a student of Zhu Gui Tien a famous Bagua and Xing Yi master.  Dr Wang has also studied with top Wu style Master Wang Hao Da.