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Introduction to Taiji Qigong Shibashi

 The Taiji Qigong Shibashi (十八), or the eighteen postures of Taiji Qigong, is a set of Qigong exercises that employs Taiji stances and their underlying principles and the more traditional breathing and movement exercises from Qigong.  Shibashi was developed in the 1979 in Shanghai, China by Tai Chi Master He Weiqi (He Wei Chi) and Qigong Master and healer Lin Hou Sheng however, the individual exercises themselves date back centuries, even millennia.  Mawangdui daoyin tu

Shibashi is a series of 18 energy-enhancing exercises that focus on promoting the flow of Qi through the meridians to improve the practitioner’s health and well-being. When we begin, we first calm and still the mind. The mind observes the flow of the breath guiding it to slower and deeper diaphragmatic breathing so relaxing the body; this in turn enables Qi to flow freely through the body opening meridians and relaxing the muscles and nervous system of the body. Qi is absorbed where needed as meridians are cleared and opened.

The movement are performed slowly, fluidly and without tension. The rocking and stretching movements are physically comforting and relaxing, helping to improve the internal functions of the body such as circulation and digestion; the open, expansive arm movements help loosen the arm joints and open the chest area. The back and waist are helped by the gentle bends and unhurried rotating of the body, while the mind concentrates on the movement and/or on the image inspired by the name. The resulting effect of the exercise is one of mental and physical relaxation.

Taiji Qigong Shibashi is very effective and easy to learn and practised by millions of people worldwide.


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